Hello there !!

Welcome to MammaCooks. I am a happily married South Indian, Software Engineer by profession, mamma to my toddler girl (aka Peanut), with a passion to cook and bake. Like any other girl, I started cooking only after my marriage. So, that said, I am no great cook and I am not a recipe maker. I just try and adapt recipes from my mom, MIL, friends, around the web, blogs and sometimes cookbooks. I started this blog for the sole reason of saving the good recipes that I have tried and tasted. This way I dont have to google around for the recipe I saw couple of months back or call my mom or MIL for the same recipe I had asked them thousand times now. Like everyone have a place they belong, my recipes (ok, the ones that I tried !!) have theirs too, and that will be my blog 🙂 My husband (aka TheDad) is the best food critic we have in the peanut household. No other choice, I say !! 🙂 I enjoys his comments as much as he enjoys my food. So thats about us and the blog, at least for now. Thanks for stopping by !! Feel free to try the recipes you like and let me know how it came out !!

PeanutMamma @ MammaCooks.


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